Meat and Traditional Techniques


Where our meat comes from is hugely important to us. We have a strong moral standpoint regarding animal welfare and sustainability, and as a result, we only use the finest local and free range pork and lamb from our sole supplier, Richard Cook at Green Barn Farm Butchery. The photograph below shows where we source our free range Tamworth-cross pigs from, where they can roam free in a field with a large pond area and plenty of trees. Not only does this make your roast pork taste much more delicious, but this also highlights our commitment to meat sustainability!


We use traditional techniques, such as roasting our animals over an oak log and charcoal open fire (no gas roasting ovens in sight!) We will be there throughout the whole day, from lighting the fire at 5am to carving up in the evening. We believe that this adds to the atmosphere of any outdoor event and we welcome guests to come over, have a chat or simply just take in the smells and watch the animals roasting away!