We take enormous pride in the food that we cook, and through lots of experience, and focusing on quality, quality, quality, we believe that we provide an outdoor catering service above and beyond that of our competitors in the industry.

We have a variety of different general menu options available to our customers. Typically we love to pair a selection of meat options with exciting seasonal salads, roasted vegetables, homemade condiments and dips, vegetarian options and either a warm flat bread or soft floury bap.

However each event is unique, with a different location, budget, and number of attending guests. This means that each event that we cater for is directly tailored to the preferences of our customer.

Hog Roast


A hog spit roast is always a triumph, a real medieval centre piece at any party or wedding. What could be more impressive than delicious free range tender roast pork, served in a floury bap with our homemade apple sauce and salsa verde?

Typically a 50 kg pig feeds around 100 people.

Lamb Roast

A lamb roast is an increasingly popular option, and we can understand why! We dry rub the lamb with middle eastern seasonings and salt, and spray throughout with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice which gives the lamb a delicious crust, with tender blushing meat beneath.

We serve our local sussex lamb in a warm flat bread with a yoghurt dressing, salsa verde and our delicious salads. However if you want to go more traditional we can serve in a bun, or on a plate with a homemade mint sauce.

A lamb roast feeds 40 to 50 people. However, if you are planning a party or wedding with larger numbers, we can easily roast two lambs, or have a barbecue alongside this to accommodate larger numbers.

Our fabulous barbecue selection

If you’re interested in hosting a smaller party, or would prefer the choice between a few different meat options, then look no further than our fabulous barbecue selection.

We have delicious homemade sausages and burgers from our Butcher Richard Cook at Green Farm Barn. These premium quality sausages and burgers can be served in a bun with melted cheddar cheese and slow cooked caramelised onions, alongside your favourite condiments.

If you’re after a slightly more premium barbecue selection, we can also provide free range chicken (thighs or breasts), in a variety of homemade marinades, rump steaks with a course pepper coating and pulled pork.

Salads and homemade condiments


We take enormous pride in our salads! We make a variety of different salads from scratch using using seasonal produce.

A few popular options are our seedy, herby limeslaw (coleslaw without the mayo), our roasted vegetables dressed with lemon juice, flat leaf parsley and grilled haloumi, our mixed leaf green salad and our green bean and potato salad.

Veggie options


Having a number of vegetarian guests? Don’t worry! Every guest receives great treatment and a delicious choice of food.

We serve falafels (from Brightons filfil cafe), homemade garlicy humous, grilled haloumi, roasted vegetables, a yoghurt dressing and/or chilli sauce, all served up in a warm flat bread. Another option for vegetarians is a griddled mushrooms with caramelised onions, roasted peppers and melted cheese served in a floury bun.

Homemade condiments

_mg_0290We make all our condiments from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Our ever popular salsa verde goes down well with almost anything, while we keep traditional with our apple sauce made from apples from our allotment.